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Melody G. Stone


Beauty In Progress: Mural Artists Leave Their Mark On Sacramento Alleys

Sacramento art-lover and midtown resident David Sobon spent a lot of time walking around his neighborhood looking at the blank walls of the alleys. It was on one of these walks when he developed a vision for the spaces between buildings. “Walking the grid, just looking at the alleys, looking at the streets and seeing some existing murals and thinking there’s a lot more spaces that can be activated,” says Sobon.
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Two Coasts, Two Cities, Two Signs: The Story Behind The ‘Ocean City MD 3073’ Sign

Motorists traveling on 50 East in Sacramento may be familiar with this perfectly normal-looking mileage sign — on first glance, it’s like every other mileage sign along California highways listing the cities you’ll be passing with the number of miles to go. But on second glance, this sign gives pause — Placerville is about an hour away, and South Lake Tahoe double that, depending on traffic.
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More Than A Water Tower: The Art, History And Utility Of Alhambra Reservoir

One hundred and twenty four feet of cylindrical grey concrete rise above the Alhambra Safeway in East Sacramento. You see it whether you’re speeding past on Business 80 Capital City Freeway or crawling by in rush hour traffic. A bright blue pattern of lines and squares lights up the tower at night.
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Why Is There A Self-Cannibalizing Hot Dog Statue Perched On A Building Off Alhambra Blvd.?

Next time you’re stopped at the Alhambra Blvd. and T Street intersection look up at the roof of the unmarked red and black building. You’ll see a statue of a hotdog with arms, squirting ketchup on its head and licking its lips hungrily. Michael Ruiz of Sacramento felt the statue needed some explanation.
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Milk Drinking Competitions, Wind Storms, Flying Cars Under The Smiling Neon Cow

A smiling cow jumping over a yellow crescent moon gazes down at drivers on I-80 north of Dixon. Many a traveler speeds by without a second thought - this story is for those who pause and wonder, “What is a Milk Farm? Where did that sign come from? What’s that cow’s story?”. This neon cow and her moon once shone brightly over a bustling business complex.
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Artists Take Over Abandoned Hotel In Downtown Sac

The sound of construction is unavoidable on 7th street between L and Capitol in Downtown Sacramento. The shiny new arena rises above the streets, while surrounding hotels and office buildings are brought to ruins. One building slated for demolition is the historic Jade Hotel. Before the bulldozers go to work early this spring, more than 100 artists have filled all five stories with art installations.
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How The Financial Meltdown Saved Sacramento's Drive-In Movie... For Now

This is the first story in a series we're calling "Roadside Distractions." Each story looks at curious places and landmarks on the commute. The bright flickering 80 feet wide screens of the West Wind 6 Drive-In off Highway 50 tempt drivers to take their eyes off the road as they pass after dark. Rumor has it the screens will be torn down.
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Motion Trackers In Your Glasses – VSP Moves Beyond Vision Insurance

Jay Sales sports dark-rimmed glasses, with thick temples. He’s wearing a casual linen button-up. A colorful tattoo pokes out from under the short-sleeves. “It’s wearable technology that disappears into a fashion element that’s already solving a problem – correcting your vision,” he says as he pops open the temple to show the internal components.
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Gill Landry, On Busking, Old Crow Medicine Show And Going Solo

Singer/songwriter and guitarist Gill Landry doesn’t shy away from personal questions. He often couches his rambling replies with “I hope I didn’t give you too much information.”. In a recent phone interview with CapRadio Music, Landry said that performing sad songs but not feeling sad is like having sex when you’re not in the mood.
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Sacramento Celebrates Evolving Art Of The Concert Poster

From Beethoven to Camper Van Beethoven, as long as there have been concerts there have been concert posters. Plastered all around town on bulletin boards, telephone poles, and record shop windows, the gig poster has gracefully guided music fans into venues for generations. The concert poster has evolved over the years, almost as much as music itself.
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Tears For Fears Serves Up Nostalgia, Chromeo Blows The Lights, Arts Flourish At TBD 2015

SUNDAY The region's homegrown music festival TBD Fest wrapped up three days of music and arts with a blowout set by pop-funk act, Chromeo. That's no exaggeration. The lights literally went out during Chromeo's set, and the crowd used cell phones to illuminate the scene as the last song was played.
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Campus Emergency Notification Times Vary By Incident

In the wake of a shooting on the Sacramento City College campus Thursday afternoon, students are asking whether school officials could have done more to notify them sooner. Many raised concerns on social media during the incident. Los Rios Community College District’s information officer, Rick Brewer said, the first notice was an email to faculty, staff and district officials at 4:18 p.m.
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Melody G. Stone

It's all about people. Everyone has a story and a journalist's job is to find the fantastic, important and moving stories and document them.

Melody Stone's childhood unfolded across the world, with stints in Mongolia, Barbados and Malta. She started documenting her unusual upbringing in a grey composition book after reading "Harriet The Spy."

Her journeys landed her at Humboldt State University where she studied print journalism with an emphasis in music reporting. Right out of college she landed a job as a section editor for a daily newspaper in Eureka California. She wrote for and edited three weekly sections, entertainment, home and life.

However this dream job was just that and the dream ended with the collapse of the global financial system in 2008. The paper folded and Melody moved to Sacramento to seek her fame and fortune.

She worked at several small daily papers until finally transitioning into tech starts ups and learning design and digital production.

In 2013 she gathered up all her journalism and web skills and landed a job at Capital Public Radio as a digital content producer. She quickly became the web editor for and then an integrated producer for News.

The through line in Melody's life has always been telling stories, whether in print, digitally, graphically or sonically.



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